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Astrology is an ancient metaphysical art that evolved in varying ways through the understandings of the Hebrew Kabala, Egyptian mysticism, Christian mystics, the Hindu's, Buddhist's, and Chinese philosophers. It further evolved in the West by the work of great seers like Aristotle and Nostradamus as well is in the East.

Spiritual Astrology from this ancient spiritual point of view is the belief that:

Life is a school in which we are here to evolve our consciousness to higher and higher levels of awareness of the meaning of spiritual principles or laws that when inculcated in ones attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors yields greater and greater levels of harmony, health, happiness, peace of mind, prosperity and loving relationships in one's life.

It is said that one's soul is on a continuous evolutionary journey to grow

towards this ultimate union with God or Universal cosmic consciousness

by virtue of self-mastery of the lessons of life.

One's Astrology Birth Chart is said to be one's spiritual report card in the school

of life. It is said to summarize one's Karma. Karma means cause and effect

or simply you get back what you put out or what goes around comes

around or even from the western Biblical point of view: Do unto others

as you'd have them do to you. Karma means how well your soul

through it's evolution has been in attunement with spiritual laws or principles.

It implies that who you are in this life is not a coincidence but the result of the

causes of how you're soul has evolved either positively or negatively.

For example, being impatient with others and losing ones temper easily is a violation

of spiritual principles of love. Someone who tends to be impatient and gets easily frustrated or angry with others may find that they continually attract friends or associates at work who are slower paced or "try their patience". Or they may find that they attract circumstances where people treat them with hostility and impatience such as drivers on the road blasting the horn when the traffic light has turned green and they did not move immediately. This is the way the universe is attempting to coax a person who

is in violation of a spiritual law to realize that ultimately they are hurting themselves

by being impatient and angry with others. That they are putting stress on their body

and blocking good energies and more positive relationships from entering their life

as well as attracting negative behaviors from others. In that person's astrology chart we might see this karma symbolized by the planets mercury negatively aspected to mars.

Another example of lack of understanding of a spiritual principle, which also can be

more difficult to discern, is a type of co-dependency. That is being overly generous

or giving to the point of insincere self-sacrifice or martyrdom in order win others approval, affection and/or recognition. This type of false compassion or generosity is actually FEAR based in low self-esteem. The person actually may have great fear

and guilt in being able to say NO when asked for help or favors and therefore have

poor boundaries. They may have a poor sense of who they are and what their values

are in life and therefore abdicate responsibility for creating a happy existence by

living life reactively according to who enters their life and what they can do for

other people. This "door mat" approach to life will attract them people who are

super "takers" who will exploit their generosity to the limit and leave them exhausted, empty and depressed. The will be at the mercy of the exploitation of others until

they finally understand their karma. That is that they must develop a healthy sense

of self-esteem, values and boundaries and the assertiveness skills to express them.

In that person's astrology chart we might see this karma symbolized by the moon

negatively aspected to neptune.

Therefore your Astrology Birth Chart reveals your potential gifts, talents, natural skills and abilities, as well as positive attraction to socio-economic, educational, and relationship resources in this life as the result of the work your soul has done to become increasingly in attunement with the spiritual principles and laws of love. It also reveals where you may have blocks, frustrations and difficulties in any area of life based on your negative karma or your lack of positive attunement with spiritual principles due to either ignorance or egoic self-will.

This then becomes the leading edge of ones work, personal growth or healing in this life. The beauty of astrology is that it offers a precise perspective on your karma to help guide you in understanding what your natural gifts, talents and positive potential is as well as what you need to do to break denial and transcend the obstacles in your life and how to get in tune with the greater divine plan that has only your greatest good in mind.

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