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Astrology readings are done by making Chart(s) based on your and/or other's Birth date information which reveal the positions of the planets as they were configured in the zodiac signs at birth. The positions then symbolize and describe all the potentials of your life including relationship dynamics, career, finances, family, health, spiritual growth & the timing of events in your life. A Professional Astrologer interprets the chart(s) and explains the findings on a tape recording or over the telephone or in a typed report.
Astrologers use scientific astronomical data in combination with psychology, spiritual principles and intuition to provide a comprehensive perspective on the truth of your life circumstances.
At a minimum we just need yours and/or other's birth date.
It is preferable that we also have the location of birth.(town, city and/or state/country)
Yet most preferable is to have your birth date, approximate time of birth and location.

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What is an Astrology Reading?

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